Talk OSGi Asynchronous Messaging at EclipseCon 2020

Today I gave a talk at the EclipseCon 2020 about the new upcoming OSGi Messaging Specification. We work on this specification for a while. The idea is based on one of our OpenSource Projects that is hosted on Gitlab:

The idea is to harmonize the API for asynchronous messaging. There are so many protocols in the wild, but the handling is nearly the same. The specification provides a common API for most common use-cases. At the same time we leave anought space to implement, very specific features as well.

So, if you missed the talk, you can at least watch the slides:

Asychronous Communication in Distributed Environments

The talk will be available on youtube as well. We will update this post as soon as the recording of the talk is available.

by Mark Hoffmann