Blog posts tagged with "good-to-know"

  • OSGi Configuration Admin and Plugin start ordering

    The current ConfigurationAdmin specification can be found here: One feature of this specification is the Configuration Plugin. An implementation can be used to participate in the configuration process. You can e.g. add new properties or modify existing properties for a configuration. A use case could be to substitute credential... [more]

  • Bootstraping OSGi Applications with the Runtime Exporter

    We recently updated our documentation for the runtime project. The Runtime contains small helpers to improve the handling of your OSGi application in production environments and development. The org.gecko.templates project contains bndtools project templates, to ease the creation of project within your Eclipse IDE. Our org.gecko.runtime.boot registers some... [more]

  • Update a Mongo 3.2.x standalone to a 3.6.

    Mongo does only support incremental updates. This means, that one can only update from one stable release to the next. The even numbered minor versions are always the stable releases. Getting Started At first you should check if your application is using features of the MongoDB that may have changed... [more]

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