Blog posts tagged with "geckoprojects"

  • Gecko JakartaRS Jersey Whiteboard default implementation in OSGi Compendium 8.1

    Since several years we provide an implementation of the OSGi JaxRs WHiteboard Service based on JakartaEE Jersey. With the namespace change of Jakarta API’s from the former javax to jakarta, the OSGi Working Group also started migrating specifications to consider the new namespace. With the latest OSGi Compendium 8.1 release,... [more]

  • Gecko EMF

    Last week we had a talk at the EclipseCon Europe 2018 in Ludwigsburg, presenting one of our OpenSource projects. It is called Gecko EMF and available here: The Slides for the talk can be found here: EMF and OSGi What is Gecko EMF? It is an addition to EMF... [more]

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